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The Iowa Sex Offender Registry became law on July 1, 1995 and is found in Chapter 692A Code of Iowa

On or after July 1, 1995, an individual who has been convicted or adjudicated of a criminal offense against a minor, sexual exploitation, or a sexually violent crime or who was on probation, parole, or work release status, or who was incarcerated on or after July 1, 1995 is required to register. Registration does include individuals that have received a deferred sentence or deferred judgments and can include convictions from other jurisdictions such as other states and/or federal convictions.

The information on this website is provided from the Iowa Sex Offender Registry to the public pursuant to Iowa Code chapter 692A. The purpose of this information is to allow members of the public a means to protect themselves from individuals who have committed an offense that requires registration on the Sex Offender Registry. If you see information on our website that is wrong about an offender, please notify the sheriff of the county where the offender lives. You may also email this agency via the "contact" link located on this website.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety, (DPS) has a history of dedication and service to the citizens of Iowa and those who visit our state. Since it was first established in 1939, DPS has been the chief law enforcement agency in the State of Iowa. DPS Home

The Division of Criminal Investigation, (DCI) was created in 1921 to provide investigative support and expertise to law enforcement agencies across the state. DCI Home

The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website, (NSOPW) is coordinated by the U.S. Department of Justice. The NSOPR site is a cooperative effort between Jurisdictions hosting public sex offender registries ("Jurisdictions") and the federal government. NSOPW Home

There are currently 5,760 registrants listed on this website. This website was last updated 10/22/2018 at 06:30:02 pm CST.

Photo of Jacob Wetterling

As part of the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act the United States Congress passed the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offenders Registration Act, which bears the name of an 11-year old Minnesota boy who was abducted, assaulted and murdered near his family home. The Act set forth guidelines for states to establish sex offender registry programs.

Photo of Megan Kanka

In 1996 the Wetterling Act was amended by Megan's Law, which requires states to release relevant information about registered sex offenders to protect the public. This law bears the name of Megan Kanka, a seven year old girl who was sexually molested and murdered by a convicted sex offender after being invited into his home to play with his new puppy.

Photo of Jetseta Marrie Gage

Jetseta Marrie Gage was a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, child who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a registered sex offender in 2005. Jetseta's case prompted awareness and changes in sentencing and sex offender registration laws for those who commit child sex crimes in Iowa.


The photos below are a few of the registrants who were recently updated.

57 LINN CO JAIL<br/>CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, 52401<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:30 pm</span>
23575 HWY D41<br/>ELDORA, Iowa, 50627<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
2935 WASHINGTON ST<br/>DUBUQUE, Iowa, 52001<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
804 N CONNECTICUT AVE<br/>MASON CITY, Iowa, 50401<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
115 S CENTER ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51103<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
126 2ND ST SE<br/>MASON CITY, Iowa, 50401<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
4172 GRUBBS CREEK RD<br/>CENTER POINT, Iowa, 52213<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
1344 JACKSON<br/>DUBUQUE, Iowa, 52001<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
1456 W 4TH ST<br/>DAVENPORT, Iowa, 52802<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
2018 W 1ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51103<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
212 CENTRAL AVE E<br/>CLARION, Iowa, 50525<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
2639 S PALMETTO ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51106<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
515 WATER ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51103<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
705 W CHARLES<br/>OELWEIN, Iowa, 50662<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
1221 14 ST<br/>ROCK VALLEY, Iowa, 51247<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
HOMELESS<br/>WATERLOO, Iowa, 50701<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
1011 LINCOLN AVE<br/>CROMWELL, Iowa, 50842<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 06:00 pm</span>
820 7TH AVE E<br/>OSKALOOSA, Iowa, 52577<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
623 N 12TH ST<br/>CLARINDA, Iowa, 51632<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
105 S 1ST ST<br/>PLAINVIEW, Nebraska, 68769<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
1724 DOUGLAS ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51105<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
00 LAKE CO JAIL<br/>MADISON, South Dakota, 57042<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
2408 25 ST<br/>SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa, 51360<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
144 W SPRING ST<br/>ELDRIDGE, Iowa, 52748<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
3207 E COURT AVE<br/>DES MOINES, Iowa, 50317<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:30 pm</span>
825 NEBRASKA ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51103<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:00 pm</span>
102 S MAIN<br/>FARMERSBURG, Iowa, 52047<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:00 pm</span>
440 MADISON AVE N<br/>NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa, 52317<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:00 pm</span>
103 SERGEANT SQUARE DR<br/>SERGEANT BLUFF, Iowa, 51054<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:00 pm</span>
107 1/2 B N MILL ST<br/>LAKE MILLS, Iowa, 50450<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:00 pm</span>
3610 5TH AVE<br/>DES MOINES, Iowa, 50313<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 05:00 pm</span>
1001 29TH AVE SW<br/>CEDAR RAPIS, Iowa, 52404<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>
321 E 8TH ST<br/>WATERLOO, Iowa, 50703<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>
82 SCOTT CO JAIL<br/>DAVENPORT, Iowa, 52801<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>
1812 W 4TH ST<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51103<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>
3349 CONCORDIA DR<br/>SIOUX CITY, Iowa, 51104<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>
1051 29TH AVE SW<br/>CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, 52404<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>
108 N NEPTUNE ST<br/>MARATHON, Iowa, 50565<br/><span class=date>10/22/2018 04:30 pm</span>